Bruker Workshop:
High Throughput and Light Sheet Imaging

10:30 - 16:00 Sunday, 9th July 2023

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Dr. Jochen Gehrig, Dr. Felix Weltzien, Dr. Jürgen Mayer, Dr. Monika Löschinger

In this workshop we will focus on high content imaging and light sheet imaging for live zebrafish.
Hence, it will be divided into two sessions. In the first part, participants will use an automated
fluorescence screening microscope to analyze samples. This device is ideal for the automated imaging
of large numbers of live zebrafish and allows for identifying potential targets e.g. during drug screening.
In the second part of the workshop, participants will learn about and use light sheet microscopy to
image live zebrafish embryos. This powerful imaging technique allows for high-resolution, threedimensional
imaging without physically sectioning or damaging the sample. By combining these two
methods, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and limitations of each
approach and will be equipped with a powerful set of tools for investigating complex biological

The ACQUIFER IM – Automated imaging and screening of zebrafish

The ACQUIFER IM is a versatile automated microscope ideal for phenotypic screening and timelapse
imaging of zebrafish and other in-vivo models. A static sample position combined with moving optics
renders it ideal for sensitive samples and eliminates motion artifacts. Built-in temperature control
provides optimal conditions to capture zebrafish development and physiology. An optional laser addon
allows automation of photomanipulation experiments (e.g. photodamaging).
The IM software is readily accessible to non-expert users by ensuring intuitive configuration of imaging
protocols, while advanced users can customize complex workflows via built-in scripting support. The
IM is complemented by the ACQUIFER Plate-Viewer, a software for visualization of large screening
datasets, and a user-friendly interface for automated centering and imaging of embryonic structures.
In this workshop, we will give an overview of the unique hardware design of the IM and highlight
zebrafish imaging applications. We will demonstrate our workflow concept for automated zebrafish
imaging, smart microscopy and provide tips for mounting zebrafish in microtiter plates.


Luxendo MuVi SPIM – Multi View Light Sheet Microscope for imaging live Zebrafish

In this part of our workshop, we will focus on the use of light sheet microscopy to image live zebrafish.
Light sheet microscopy is a powerful imaging technique that allows for high-resolution, threedimensional
multi-view imaging of biological samples. Key benefits include low phototoxicity, high
speed, and low bleaching of fluorescent probes. Therefore, this method is ideal for imaging larger
specimens, such as live zebrafish embryos. The workshop will provide an overview of the principles
behind light sheet microscopy, as well as practical tips for sample preparation, imaging, and data
Participants will have the opportunity to use a state-of-the-art light sheet microscope to image live
zebrafish embryos and get insight into processing large 3D data sets. Overall, the workshop aims to
demonstrate the power and versatility of light sheet microscopy for imaging live biological samples
and to highlight its potential for advancing our understanding of complex biological processes.

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