Husbandry Workshop

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Speakers: Joanna Dodzian, Krzysztof Surga, Magdalena Gral, IIMCB Warsaw, Poland
Duration: Following brief talks, there will be time for a Q&A session (2-3h)
Start: 12.30, Sunday 9th July 2023

Workshop overview:
Participants will gain hands-on expertise on how to operate a zebrafish facility or improve their existing facilities.

✓ Danio rerio as a model organism
✓ How to establish a facility – legal requirements and essential equipment
✓ Water quality
✓ Maintenance and Breeding
✓ Larviculture
✓ Live feed cultures and Nutrition
✓ Sperm freezing and IVF
✓ Facility management
✓ Health monitoring
✓ Occupational Safety and Health 

This workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to operating a zebrafish facility. Participants will examine the role of Danio rerio as a model organism and explore the legal prerequisites and essential equipment needed to set up a facility. Key areas such as water quality, maintenance, breeding, and larviculture will be discussed. The workshop will also delve into aspects of live feed cultures, nutrition, sperm freezing, and IVF. In addition, it will shed light on facility management, health monitoring, and occupational safety. By sharing practical knowledge, the workshop aims to aid participants in their research, animal welfare, and experimental work. It offers an opportunity to learn about different components of running a zebrafish facility and encourages participants to apply this understanding in their respective settings. 

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